Creative Strategist.

Hi I'm Robin

A good story doesn't need a lot of bells, whistles, stunts or explosives. I think what makes a good story is authenticity and relatability. You can't connect with a story and it's main characters when you don't feel it.

I think everyone - and every company - has a story to tell. And from this story you can start creating everything around it. Once you communicate from your true self, the rest comes easy. You can create something really pretty, cool, interesting or shocking, but if it doesn't match your brands' personality, it will always feel off.

That's what I love doing. Discover the true identity of your brand (not create a new one) and make sure everyone is just as excited about it as I am. Because let me assure you, I'm probably really excited about your brand.

My Career so far

Creative Strategy
Creative Concepts
Art Direction
Content Strategy
Content Marketing
Strategic Partnerships