Rebranding (w/ NATWERK)
Brand Story, Social Strategy, Tone of Voice, Strategic Partnership
As a fast-growing startup, Homerr needed to create a clear and distinctive brand story. From this we enrolled a whole new visual brand identity and communcation throughout diffent (online and offline) channels.
Girl with boxes in her hand suggesting a happy homerr sustainable vibe.


In collaboration with NATWERK we decided to give Homerr a new face that matched the bold, unique and sustainable personality of the company.

With almost 2.000 locations in the Netherlands & Belgium we’d literally be all over the place, so we better have a face that sticks.

This included new website design, promotion materials, photography, videography and more.

Social strategy + Tone of Voice

With a playbook that includes Tone of Voice, social DNA and clearly defined post themes, Homerr can now easily fill their feed with content while always staying on-brand. No matter who executes it.

Strategic Partnership

To further strengthen the sustainable, distruptive position of Homerr, I’ve set up a clever partnership with Justdiggit. Justdiggit is the perfect partner that uses inginious ways to cool down the earth. A partnership allowed Homerr to walk the talk and not only decrease the impact of deliveries on the environment, but turn it into a positive contribution.

Employer branding

The company quadrupled in employee size within a couple of months. With more employees they also needed to have a clear internal branding. This makes sure that everyone knows and breathes the mission of the company and that branding is consistent from customer service to sales. It also attracts talent and shows potential employees what the company is about.
"I worked with Robin closely on several large projects focusing on the rebranding of our company, launching POS concepts and implementing an overall marketing strategy. Her creativity, perseverance, positive energie and executing power made that's see played a key role in our marketing related projects. I highly recommend Robin in a creative, high paced and varied role."

Juriaan Matthijssen
Founder Homerr