Creative Campaigns, Brand Story, 
Social Strategy, Events
NILUK is a social platform where you can create and join events, to find like minded people. NILUK aims to battle loneliness, one of the biggest world-wide pandemics.

Creative Campaigns

Because (neuro)science is deeply rooted in the origin of the company, I focussed on the different chemicals in our brain that are released when using (or needing) the NILUK app.
On events like TNW and VU introduction week, NILUK would have a colourful stand that stated really loud 'free hugs!'. This would not only help them stand out and attract people to the stand, but hugs will give you a dose of oxyctocin: one of the most important chemicals released when making new friends.

Another campaign was the postcards that spark conversations and meetings, just like the NILUK app does. The cards were a simple yet effective way to move an online platform to offline tools.

Social strategy

With a playbook that includes Tone of Voice, social DNA and clearly defined post themes, Homerr can now easily fill their feed with content while always staying on-brand. No matter who executes it.
"Robin is the one who digs deeper, who understands how to combine the target groups' deepest wishes, your company's mission with the current state of the art "cool". She is not afraid to proceed with her vision and to convey everyone in the team that this is the way to go. Her ideas are 100% crazy but extremely successful. Out of the box thinking and lots of fun guaranteed."

Elena Köstler
Founder NILUK