Rebranding (w/ the OX studio)
Brand Identity, Brand Story, Tone of Voice, Office Design

After switching owners and fast growth, Offerte needed an identity that matched their character. This would not only be used on their website, customer service and marketing efforts, but also integrated in their new building as employee branding.


In a 4-hour workshop we asked all the weird, seemingly random questions we needed to get a feeling behind the company. Based on all that input we created a brandbook.

Those who’ve ever been snowboarding or surfing know that in order to decide which foot is in front, you get an unexpected push in the back. The foot that steps forward, is your dominant foot. This is exactly what I aim to do with these workshops.

Instead of asking about the vision, mission or bringing in the golden circle, I ask something they don’t expect. The answers are always creative and intuitively, so we can create an authentic story.

Brand Story +
Tone of Voice

The destinctive brand story & Tone of Voice not only helped the copywriters & marketeers with creating their content, it also stimulated the company culture.
Sales representatives now became storytellers, and lived and breathed the company identity. Customer care knew exactly what and how to say it.

The company grew really fast, but with the clear brand story and tone of voice the branding and communication stayed consistent, even when they hired a lot of new people.

Office Design

To fully feel the power of branding & create a culture where everyone within the company really is the company, the office was transformed to match the brand identity.

In the workshop the client mentioned Rick Ross and a 'hustle culture'. So we went along and found Rick Ross quotes that matched the values of the company.